AM Session – 8:30-12:00
INTRODUCTION (15 minutes)

You (and your Wikispaces Page)


Why Change?
  • Advantages
  • New Skill sets
  • New Possibilities
  • Supporting Tradtional Pedagogy too!

NETS (Students, Teachers, Administrators)
Another Look -

Florida Matrix
Walk Through Matrix for Daviess County

Model of Reflection
  • Gibbs
  • Pappas

WORKSHOP (2.75 hours)
Understanding the New Toolkit, Skill set, and Vocabulary (Along with a reminder that it is just contemporary good teaching and learning)
  • TPACK model as an overview (15 minute explanation of visual)

MyWebspiration - TPACK Self Evaluation

Lunch (45 minutes)

PM Session -12:45- 3:30
  • Hierarchy of Tools
  • Pedagogical Strategies that are enhanced
  • Using Tools for Personal Productivity and Learning
  • Personal Learning Networks (brief)
  • Collaborative lesson planning
  • Skills that Students bring to the program –social vs academic
  • Digital Footprint Info

WORKSHOP (2 hours)
Collaborating as Teachers

    • Install toolbar
    • Bookmark 3 sites
    • Save a site for a friend
    • Add others to your network (department or school or district)
    • Save things with unique tag (micdseh2010pro1 = school is micds, my initiatls are eh, year is 2010, its the first project so pro1)
    • Add RSS feed to your wiki page

  • Google Docs

    • Upload an old handout to revise with someone else
    • Create a new document
    • Shared Option
    • Revision History
    • Collaborative Notes or Collaborative Writing
Google Extension

  • RSS Feeds

[[rss url="" link="true" number="10"]]

Understanding and Managing New Electronic Workflows and Living in the Cloud
  • Delivering content to students in electronic format – (45)
  • Ppts embedded
  • Notes linked
  • Assignments in general
  • Calendar
  • Keeping Work Electronic from delivery to student thru grading to return of work (30)